Storytelling for Employer Branding

80 percent of all employers around the world have difficulties finding qualified and talented candidates. On the other hand, 58 per cent of all students would even give up 15 per cent of their salary. How do these two developments fit together? Those entering the job world would be able to live with less salary as long as one condition is met. If they can make a career in a company that represents the same values as themselves.

As your employer branding agency, we know from experience that corporate culture must not only be lived, but also be told. In doing so, a convincing employer brand not only targets potential applicants (external employer branding). They also speaks to current employees (internal employer branding). When creating an authentic and attractive image as an employer, employees are the most important heroes and at the same time best narrators. Instead of theoretical arguments for the quality of the jobs, storytelling gives them a face. Through a strong employer brand, the company’s own team is becoming an authentic hero of the company.

Not only in customer acquisition, but also in recruiting, the power of stories helps to attract the right candidates and keep the best employees. For us as an agency, employer branding means communicating values, establishing identification, and putting the real hero, the employee, in the spotlight. As an entrepreneurial strategy, marketing concepts are used in employer branding in order to positively highlight the company on the job market.

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Storytelling in der Musik mit Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Kendrick Lamar und dem Konzert

In addition to presenting company values, HR departments are also faced with the challenge of illustrating the many roles that can be assumed within the organization. What is actually behind the jobs? It is often the case that job entrants have only a vague idea, or sometimes even a misconception, of the avenues they can choose, the talents they need, and the role they play for their customers. Not only in customer acquisition, but also in recruiting, the power of stories helps to attract the right candidates and to keep the best employees.

Where and how companies tell their employee and background stories, is a transmedia issue, similar to corporate branding. Social media is currently one of the most important trends in personal marketing. It has proven to be useful for a recruiting strategy to set up a central career site as a starting point. Here, all other social media channels converge. The selection of digital channels can be dependent on the resources, as well as how employees’ stories can be best told: via video interviews, blog contributions, photos or other means? Sophisticated content marketing primarily ensures increased visibility. As an agency, we help companies position themselves as an employer brand and build the right environment for their stories with the right personnel marketing. Employer branding makes sure applicants and employees are always at the right address.