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The challenge: Finding and retaining qualified talent

Currently, 80 percent of employers worldwide are facing the problem of finding qualified and talented professionals.
But what if we told you that 58% of students would be willing to give up part of their salary for the right corporate culture? This contrast offers a unique opportunity for your company if you can attract and retain skilled workers with your values.

The solution: Authentic employer branding

As a specialized agency for employer branding, we show you how to:

  • Communicate your values: Tell the stories that make up your company and reflect your corporate culture
  • Attract talent: Use targeted storytelling to attract employees who are not only qualified but also a cultural fit
  • Strengthen internal and external branding: Motivate your current employees to act as brand ambassadors and improve your image both internally and externally

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Practical steps to success

  • Rely on authentic employee stories: Use real experiences of your teams to address potential applicants at eye level.
  • Choose the right channels: Whether via social media, your careers page or through interactive formats such as video interviews – find the right platforms to share your stories.
  • Create identification: Show how your values are lived in everyday working life and how new talent can find themselves in them.

Why employer branding is crucial now

The market is highly competitive and students and young talents are not just looking for a job, but for a vocation. They want to be part of a bigger picture and be able to identify with their employer’s values. This is where employer branding comes into play: it not only helps to attract the best talent, but also promotes their long-term loyalty to the company.

References for Employer Branding

Your path to a strong employer brand

We support you in building a powerful and authentic employer brand. Through targeted employer branding, you position yourself as an attractive employer in the minds of potential applicants and create an environment in which talent can flourish.

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Discover the power of storytelling in employer branding!

  • Employer branding is the key to surviving today’s competition for talent
  • Real employee stories and authentic storytelling in content marketing make the difference
  • Strategically choose the right channels to reach your target group effectively