Value Storytelling

Whether it’s a small startup or a large corporation, an employee story or a founding story – every company has its own personal playlist of values that need to be communicated to the world. Because those who truly live their very own principles should not only communicate them internally, but also tangibly to external addressees. With close and credible communication, like-minded heroes can be found who, in the best case, help shape the shared adventure.

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Storytelling in der internen Kommunikation
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Storytelling in der Musik mit Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Kendrick Lamar und dem Konzert

But: There is no music in interchangeable word phrases! They do not generate any emotions in the target groups and have no recognition value. In order to win over real fans for the company, it is worthwhile to provide an authentic look behind the scenes. When employees themselves tell what they associate with the company’s guiding principles, it is precisely those talented people who live the same value culture and are therefore a perfect fit for the company who can identify with it. Managers also play an important role in communicating corporate principles, because they act as role models for all their colleagues. If the guiding principles are lived by CEOs, this strengthens the sense of community and pays direct dividends for an open culture. The internal communication of values should also be internalized by newcomers. In this way, new adventurers learn what is good manners inside and outside the company.

We get to the bottom of your brand essence, tease out your core values and ultimately find the right stage for your stories to shine with the right target groups. Whether it’s an employee story, campaign tools such as social media, newsletters, blog posts or brand books – the right tone makes the music and we make sure that your stories are played up and down.