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Your website is your company’s flagship for potential applicants. But does it also convey the values of diversity and inclusion that you live by and value? Is it able to evoke emotions and attract a wide range of talent through authentic stories and diverse images? It’s not just about showing diversity, but living it authentically – even if it is perhaps still under construction.

Our expertise: Your key to success

With extensive experience and in-depth insights from our storytelling reports of DAX companies‘ career sites, we know exactly what a career site needs to do to be both inclusive and engaging. Our expertise in visual storytelling and employer branding makes us the ideal partner for your journey towards a more diverse and inclusive world of work.

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What we offer you

  • Analysis and consulting: We start with an in-depth analysis of your current company presentation to understand the status quo of diversity and inclusion
  • Customized concepts: Based on our analysis, we develop a customized strategy to improve your employer brand and recruiting in terms of diversity and inclusion
  • Workshops and storylistening: Our workshops provide a platform for your employees to share and develop the stories that make your company unique

References for Employer Branding

The importance of diversity and inclusion in modern recruiting

In a world where candidates are looking for companies that share their values, culture fit is crucial. Authentic stories and a diverse visual language on your career site can tip the scales.

Our research shows that many companies still have room for improvement in the visual representation of these values. We support you in painting a comprehensive and inclusive picture of your company in which everyone can find themselves.

Start now and show that you are more than just words

Your commitment to diversity and inclusion deserves to be seen and felt. Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation and start your journey to authentic and inclusive employer branding that not only attracts, but inspires and retains talent.

More than Inclusion in Employer Branding

Discover our services!

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Our Team

Get to know the talented minds behind our agency!

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Your partner for Diversity and Inclusion in Employer Branding!

  • Make your company visible: Let us help you highlight diversity and inclusion in your employer brand
  • Tell authentic stories: Together, we will find the stories that define your corporate culture and make them tangible for potential applicants
  • Change the perspective: Through targeted consulting and individually developed concepts, we transform your career site into a living example of diversity and inclusion