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Work completely from home? Work and life in healthy alternation, but without sharp separation? What may have been a secret wish of employees before 2020 has become a tangible need that is crucial in the relentless competition for talent. Current surveys prove this: Almost half of those surveyed would even quit if the longed-for flexibility were denied. And if the pandemic has shown one thing, it is that new structures are possible! But how can companies translate the many new opportunities into functioning and sustainable working models? How can they bridge the gap between the growing desire for flexibility and smooth, efficient teamwork?

New Work is the answer to the changing needs of employees, but it can be implemented very differently for each organisation. We provide individual advice and work with your team to find the right path for you. With the help of emotional storylistening and stirring storytelling, we accompany you in this change process and ensure that everyone pulls together to shape your working future.

Sparring partner

Sometimes it helps to have an outside perspective! As experienced New Work advocates, we accompany you on your individual path towards shaping a new working world. We provide you with long-term advice and share valuable impulses, best practices and suggestions – always in the formats that best suit your organisation.

Corporate Campfire

New What? If you’re not sure where to start on your New Work journey, our Corporate Campfires might be for you! In a small group, we sit around an imaginary campfire with your employees and use storytelling techniques to tease out their wishes, needs and requirements. The best basis for sustainable structures that are also supported by the team!

Internal communication for your change process

“There is magic in every beginning” – especially when it comes to adapting structures that have existed for a long time, this process is often associated with fears and uncertainties, particularly among long-serving employees. As storytelling experts, we accompany your staff through the change process with strategic and inspiring messages, provide clarification and ensure motivation and community.

Benefit programs

What benefits does your team dream of? Which measures make the hearts of your (potential) employees beat faster? Together with you, we develop individual benefit programs for your organization and support you in describing the colourful bouquet of benefits according to your values and your brand voice. We find suitable names and develop appropriate wordings, and through emotional stories and experiences of your employees, for example via a landing page, we finally breathe life into the benefits.

Employer branding to the outside world

You are an attractive employer, offer great benefits and live New Work, but still no applications from new talent? We support you in strengthening your employer brand in the external perception as well. With inspiring stories, we bring you into the media relevant to your target groups and create a stage for you to present yourself as a company to potential employees.