Storytelling for Content Marketing

Facebook, the company blog, Instagram, YouTube or in print. It is becoming increasingly important to build up a company with its own media platform. And to develop formats and content that can be told and shared over a long period of time. Storytelling in content marketing allows brands to entertain, inform, and involve their audience chapter by chapter. In the strategic selection and production of appropriate channels, content and formats, storytelling tools give orientation and a clear position. We are an agency that helps companies to find, establish and develop their unique path in content marketing.

While classic PR focuses on product-oriented topics and articles in the media (push strategy), content marketing pursues the approach of being the medium itself (pull strategy). This means that the story and the content about the product and the company is no longer only spread over traditional media. It is told on its own marketing and communication channels.

As a content marketing agency, we help companies to filter out which marketing channels they should adopt in the immense diversity, and which kind of content is right for them. Whether your own website, corporate blog, YouTube channel, a customer magazine, newsletter, e-book and more – we analyze what content is best suited to the needs of your customers as well as your resources. If necessary, we supplement our content marketing strategy with a seminar or workshop to bring your team to the next level.

Financial Storytelling CFO
Postbotin mit einem Päckchen von Douglas zum Muttertag
Eine Flasche Jack Daniel's Whiskey, daneben ein Schnapsglas.
Junge bei Starbucks
Haribo Goldbären BrandStorytelling
Storytelling in der Forschung

Our content marketing agency helps companies not only to identify relevant channels and content. We also to develop thematic guidelines, editorial plans, SEO-optimized online publications for inbound marketing, and storylines with exciting content to reach the desired target group. When goals and measures are fixed, we will set up the profiles and take care of the online content. With the right inbound marketing strategy, companies can effectively increase their online traffic.

We believe that social media communication can be truly authentic only with the company as the main source. So we pass on all the profiles as soon as the brand has settles in its social networks. The next chapters can be told digitally. In order to enable the company to succeed after the transfer, we provide social media seminars and workshops.