Diversity and Inclusion in Employer Branding

How does your company present itself to potential candidates on your website? Are there already stories and images that create emotions and appeal to applicants? Are the written and visual language already designed to reflect diversity, even if this may not (yet) be the case?

We are happy to share our extensive expertise from our storytelling reports of the career sites of DAX corporations on the criteria for a diverse, inclusive career site. Through our collaboration with Inklupreneur, we know what it takes to also create inclusive jobs for people with disabilities. As an experienced agency for employer branding with (visual) storytelling, we are at your side with our advice regarding diversity and inclusion in employer branding. In a comprehensive storytelling concept, we first analyze your company channels regarding the representation of employees. Then we develop an individual employer brand and recruiting journey in terms of diversity and inclusion and implement it together with you and your employees.

Does the job description suit me? What corporate culture is practiced there? Are values clearly communicated and documented? Are people like me wanted there? Does the company value diversity and inclusion? What might my career path look like at my new employer? Are there already role models with whom I can identify?

Professional qualifications are not the only factor that determines whether the company is a good fit for the applicant. Culture fit plays a major role in recruiting. Today’s talents are increasingly listening to their gut feeling when they visit the company’s website before sending off an application. Above all, visual language and authentic stories are crucial for new colleagues. Many companies now communicate diversity and equality as a matter of course, both verbally and in writing. However, we know from our Visual Storytelling Report in Gender Contrast that many companies still have room for improvement in the visual representation of these values. Young, slim, athletic, white, with no visible physical impairments are often common characteristics in corporate portrayals. Whether all people are really reflected in job descriptions depends on various components. Which people are shown in the company description and how, should not be a coincidence but a conscious decision.

We support you in finding the right employee stories in your company that pay off to inclusive and diverse employer branding. In our storylistening workshops, we give your employees a stage to share about your values and corporate culture, but also the little anecdotes in their everyday work. The task of the “Corporate Campfires” is to collect these heroic journeys of the employees and to process them for employer branding in the form of stories. In this way, we want to use these stories to give new colleagues an authentic impression of their potential new workplace in advance and get them excited about working there.