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As a content marketing agency, we not only help companies to identify relevant channels and content, but also develop thematic guidelines, topic plans, SEO-optimized online publications for inbound marketing and stories with exciting content to reach the target group. Once the goals and measures have been defined, we can set up the profiles on request and take care of providing suitable online content. Because with the right inbound marketing strategy, companies can increase traffic to their site.

From idea to implementation: exciting content that reaches your target group

As a content marketing agency, we help companies to filter out which marketing channels they should adopt from the immeasurable variety and which content is the right one for them. Whether it’s your own website, corporate blog, YouTube channel, your own customer magazine, newsletter, e-book and more – we analyze holistically which content best suits the needs of your customers and your resources. If required, we can supplement our content marketing strategy with a seminar or workshop to take your team to the next level.

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From the push to the pull strategy

Whether on Facebook, the company blog, Instagram, YouTube or in print – it is becoming increasingly important for companies to establish a presence with their own media and develop formats and content that can be passed on in the long term, especially to potential customers. As a content marketing agency, we help brands to entertain, inform and involve their audience chapter by chapter. Storytelling tools also provide orientation and a clear approach in the strategic selection and production of suitable content, channels and formats. We are one of the agencies that help companies to find, establish and further develop their ideal content marketing strategy.

While traditional PR disseminates product-related topics and articles in the media (push strategy), content marketing takes the approach of being the medium itself (pull strategy). This means that the story and content about the product and the company is no longer only distributed via traditional media, but is told on its own marketing and communication channels.

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Your team for successful content marketing

In addition to the strategic design and daily management of corporate blogs, we also support brands as a social media agency. Whether daily posts and stories on Instagram and Facebook, content with special added value on Pinterest or social B2B communication on Twitter and LinkedIn – we find, tell and design corporate stories in text, graphics, photos and video so that they reach the right target groups. We are convinced that social media should focus on the community and that communication should never be one-sided. With daily community management, tailored content, relevant hashtags and reacting to current trends, we build up a dedicated following for brands.

Our team consists of experienced content marketing specialists with broad expertise in storytelling, social media marketing and public relations. We work closely with our clients to understand their individual goals and needs and offer customized solutions. If you want to bring your brand to life through exciting stories or need support with your content strategy – we are your partner! Contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Together we will find your ideal content marketing strategy!

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Reach your target group with exciting content!

  • Holistic analysis: Which marketing channels and which content is suitable for your company
  • Focused strategy: More is not always more. We develop a clear content marketing concept
  • SEO-optimized online publications: We create thematic guidelines, topic plans and online publications for inbound marketing and stories with exciting content
  • Comprehensive support: On request, we can set up the profiles and take care of the placement of suitable online content
  • Professional support: As a content marketing agency, we help you develop exciting content that reaches your target group, from the initial idea through to implementation